Hannu Makarainen, a hacker, activist, stuck in linuxland, a-bit-gonzo, shameless daydreamer

An avowed linux user and I can make/admin web stuff in PHP environment. My corporate life revolves around a few projects and partnerships, otherwise developing Yellow CMS as a side-by project.

I have traveled to Bulgaria and hope to be able to settle there more permanently in the near future. I strongly believe that this means the current year 2023. Sofia, Plovdiv and Leshnikovo, a small idyllic village in Thrace, near the Turkish-Greek border in the southeast corner. The village has a small Finnish community and they live there all year round. I have written about the place and living in Finnish "Leshnikovo - Kylä Bulgariassa" online. When I find the time, I start writing things in English.

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Uberbeautiful landscape, isn't it? Not far away are Turkey and Greece, just under 30 kilometres.

In the years 2015-2019 I was very active in the Pirate Party movement, trying to build a better information society and defend a liberal lifestyle. In the spring elections of 2019, we failed to get a seat in Parliament. My own political horizon was clear, but the game situation on the field was too challenging. It was time to move forward with other projects. That is the way I am.

You can email me at hannu@makarainen.net

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